The Peace Corner

Social and Emotional Learning from Ms. Alexis & Ms. Tamara

  • Bullying Prevention at Highland

    Bullying Prevention at Highland During SEL lessons with Ms. Tamara, students have been discussing how to recognize others’ feelings and the importance of this work to help develop empathy. Students then were introduced to the definition of bullying: Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior (words or actions) that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The…

  • A Note from Ms. Alexis – Anxiety

    Ms. Alexis, Highland Community School’s social worker, gives tips on how to recognize and cope with anxiety, especially during this holiday season.

  • Gratitude

    “Gratitude means feeling thankful and appreciative for what you already have in your life. This can include big things like your family and your friends, and even small things, like your favorite shirt or music.” This week, we will be focusing on gratitude and what it means to practice it. This newsletter is packed with […]

  • Conflicts and Problem-Solving

    Getting along while at home can be difficult at the best of times. During this time we are learning to share our space with many members of our families. Included are some tips and tricks to use when conflict arises.  If there is anything you’d like her to cover or need help with, please reach […]

  • Empathy & Perspective Taking

    This week, we will be focusing on two aspects of social awareness ± empathy and perspective-taking. Understanding perspectives different from our own and showing empathy to others are two very important skills to have! This newsletter is packed with resources to teach and reinforce these concepts to your children at home. If there is anything […]

  • Developing a Mindfulness Practice

    This week, we are focusing on mindfulness and we will learn about and practice different mindful activities such as mindful breathing, meditation, and yoga. In a nutshell, mindfulness means paying full attention, slowing down and really noticing yourself and your environment. If there is anything you’d like her to cover or need help with, please […]