Position: Director of Facilities and Maintenance

Reports to: Executive Director

General Description:

The Director of Facilities and Maintenance (DFM) at Highland Community School is responsible for the management of all building and grounds related duties required to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment for all students, staff, family members, and visitors. The DFM will ensure compliance with all city, state, and federal building codes, and maintain all permitting and licensing needed to legally and safely operate the facility. This position will include appropriate communication with the Executive Director and/or Board and regular updates to the administrative team. In addition to managing all facility related service contracts, the DFM will make decisions related to maintenance and operation of the building and infrastructure, technological operations and replacements, building renovations, safety, security, and compliance. The DFM understands and promotes the school’s mission, vision, values, and key goals both within and outside of the immediate school community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The DFM will be responsible for the creation, implementation, and management of all tasks related to compliance and industry standard requirements of the following categories. These tasks may include budgets, standard operating procedures, action plans, schedules, organization, and written/oral communication. 
  • Facility Liaison: Communicate with the Executive Director regularly, keep administrative team current on facility projects and conditions. Serve as a liaison between HCS employees and outside contractors/service providers. Supervise vendor contracts. Ensure facility cleanliness. Anticipate upcoming facility needs and prepare an annual budget accordingly. Manage staff asset assignment including, Keys (metal and digital), Technology (devices and peripherals), and UHF Radios. Oversees updates to the school’s crisis management plan and ensures compliance with all Milwaukee Public Schools required procedures including scheduling & executing drills (fire, tornado, lockdown) Assume on-call responsibility to respond to off-hours facility emergencies (usually calls from the alarm company). 
  • Facility Repairs: Coordinate work order generation for service work. Evaluate repairs and projects needed annually, assigning priority, build costs into annual budget. Obtain approval for non-reoccurring work orders over $5,000. Monitor, record, and analyze repair and utility costs, prepare related reports as needed. Oversee contractor repairs. Perform basic equipment and facility repairs as needed. Respond to urgent maintenance requests. 
  • Preventative Maintenance: Organize and secure storage of building plans, blueprints, and other building documents.Provide ongoing building and grounds inspections. Establish and implement maintenance schedules in a manner such that the facility remains in a clean, safe, and legal operational condition. Create project timelines and projected cost reports when applicable. Maintain property record of tools; properly organize and securely store equipment and tools. 
  • Building Equipment Maintenance: Manage all building equipment including, kitchen equipment (i.e. dishwasher, freezers, refrigerators, oven, and ranges.) Control and regulate the safe operation and maintenance contracts (including required testing and reporting) of all elevator, HVAC, and Boiler related equipment. Maintain seasonally appropriate changes and calibrations to controls based on seasonal conditions to ensure energy efficient operation.
  • Asbestos management: Ensure an up-to-date Asbestos Management Plan is on file. Perform required periodic inspections. Keep records up to date and provide copies to Milwaukee Public Schools and the State of Wisconsin. Provide information and required items for regulations, and monitor sites listed. Maintain annual public notifications per AHERA regulations.
  • Technology, Security, & Telecommunications: Participate in decisions related to the upkeep and improvement of technology-based systems. Work with administration to implement emergency action plans. Perform mandatory safety tests. Manage necessary safety inspections by outside contractors. Maintain proper safety records in accordance with State and Federal Laws. Manage contracts and work performed by outside Telecommunication Companies. 
  • Building supplies: Purchase supplies and solicit bids for all building and grounds work performed by outside contractors. Obtain materials needed for the completion of building repairs and projects. Work with main office and Janitorial vendor to manage janitorial supplies.
  • Grounds, Snow & Landscape: Oversee operations related to the upkeep of the grounds including snow clearing/removal and landscape needs. Maintain appropriate property aesthetic. Ensure property is safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Parent involvement: Work with Parent Involvement Coordinator to schedule parent volunteers and work days. Meet with Building and Grounds Committees as needed to plan and approve any changes.
  • Completes all assigned job duties aligning with expectations set forth within the Highland Employee Handbook, Parent Handbooks, and the Charter Contract between Highland Community School and Milwaukee Public Schools. He or she will perform related work as required.
  • Unforeseen circumstances may arise (such as damage or destruction of school property, or a closure of part or all of the School campus, among other things). This may require the School to modify the location, time, and/or means of its operations and/or the nature of staff assignments and may include teleworking.  Should such a circumstance arise, you may be asked to perform your duties at a different location, during nontraditional school hours, by other non-traditional means or through teleworking.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Associates Degree in Facility Management, Engineering, or equivalent work-related experience.
  • Five years supervisory or lead worker capacity with responsibility to track and manage information in a timely manner. 
  • Valid driver license at time of appointment and throughout employment.
  • Fluent with Microsoft Office and spreadsheets applications.
  • Ability to lift and move fifty pounds.
  • Ability to work from ladders, scaffolding and scissors lift.
  • General mechanical aptitude and ability to perform basic repairs. 
  • On-Call availability for off-hour facility emergencies

Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Facility Management, Mechanical Engineering, or related field.
  • Basic knowledge of telecommunication systems.
  • Basic knowledge of hydronic boilers and/or HVAC systems.
  • Basic knowledge of electrical and wiring
  • Basic knowledge of plumbing and sloan (tankless) toilets

(Rev. 4/2021)