Staff Directory

Interim Executive Director  Mark Joerres
School Information Manager Brenda DeWindt
Director of Community Resources Michaela Lewellyn Humpal
Director of Facilities & Maintenance Mike Casper
Accounting Manager Amanda Taddey
Bookkeeper  Ivorena Taylor
Program Director/Admissions Tracy Williams
Office Support  Qwandis Hugghis
Parent Involvement Coordinator  Brian DeWindt
Kitchen Coordinator  Debra Taylor
Toddler Directress Kathy Holschbach
Toddler Assistant Mahogani Cheeks
Toddler Assistant Betty Mayweather
Toddler Directress Justina Gomez
Children’s House Directress Darlene Arnold
Children’s House Assistant Caitlin Taylor
Lower Elementary Directress Wendy Foster
Lower Elementary Assistant  Stephanie Van Iersel
Upper Elementary Directress Veronica Mancheno
Upper Elementary Assistant Berenice Fragoso
Children’s House Director Von Barker
Children’s House Teacher Jillian Chansomphou
Children’s House Directress Pat Tabor
Children’s House Teacher Donna Miller
Lower Elementary Directress Jenna Robbennolt
Lower Elementary Assistant  Jessica Green
Children’s House Teacher Mary Claire Short
Children’s House Assistant Teretha Hoskins
Lower Elementary Teacher Megan Geddes
Lower Elementary Assistant Dena Seymour
Upper Elementary Directress Jean Dellemann-Engelbrecht
Upper Elementary Assistant Sarah Alvarez
Children’s House Directress Carrie Driver
Children’s House Assistant Shanda Foster
Lower Elementary Director Zachary Galan-Skinner
Lower Elementary Teacher Alicia Moore
Upper Elementary Directress Jamie Ohland
Upper Elementary Assistant Justin Klug
Adolescent Director Ryan Schuettpelz
Adolescent Teacher Cecilia Gencuski
Adolescent Spanish Teacher Shelli Mueller
Math/Montessori Mentor Chris Kjaer
Comprehensive Academic Teacher Mike Haley
Comprehensive Academic Teacher Tricia Zippel
Community Support Specialist Tad Kriofske Mainella
Special Education Teacher  Anne Marie Alberti
Special Education Teacher  Raven Wilson
Special Education Assistant Stefanique Franks
Special Education Assistant  Ronnie Holt
Special Support Assistant Jess Hoffman
Educational Assistant Carly Hirmer
Speech Therapist Jackie Wagner
Science & Natural Grounds Coordinator Mike Steiner
Artist in Residence Amy O’Neill
Performing Arts Director Barry Weber
Program Coordinator Stevie Weishan
Program Directress Jamie Hohl
Program Teacher Kathy Fargo
Program Assistant  Jasmin Quezada
Program Assistant Jaylen Quezada
Program Assistant Christina Burton
Program Assistant Brittiny Qualls