An equitable education during a Pandemic Year.

You can help each student at Highland Community School receive an equitable and quality education. Your generosity fills the gap in our budget to support each student’s total educational experience. You allow for an excellent education that equally considers Highland students’ social, emotional, and basic needs. Show you believe in the value of a Highland education and donate!  As a public Montessori charter school, only a portion of necessary funds is provided by Milwaukee Public Schools. This year because of virtual learning, the gap is $740 per student – over $310,800. While we are held to the same educational standards and goals, we are responsible for raising the funds to bridge the gap between the funding provided and the funding we need to provide a Highland education. You can ensure quality and innovative Montessori programming is provided to each of our students. An investment from you:
  • delivers Montessori lessons to our students through a variety of online experiences that focus on their academic learning and socio-emotional learning;   
  • hires additional teaching staff to give students lessons outside of regular school hours;
  • purchases additional and much-needed technology to ensure that all students can access the lessons and resources provided; 
  • offers additional professional development opportunities for staff to learn how best to support their students and families;  
  • enhances virtual classes with hand-made Montessori materials to be used at home; 
  • provides immediate necessities for our families, such as food, household products, and protective gear, lessening their stress and burdens; 
  • increases our school’s capacity to ensure that everyone will be safe once we can come back in-person.
Thank you for supporting the students of Highland Community School!
Michaela Lewellyn Humpal, Director of Community Resources