Highland Community School welcomes a wide array of volunteers from the community.  Ranging from Marquette High school students to Grandmas and Grandpas, to neighborhood leaders, Highland helps build the bridge between school and community.

All of our on-going volunteers undergo background checks and are screened by our staff to ensure that volunteering here is the right fit for the applicant.

Anyone interested in volunteering with Highland should contact our Parent Involvement Coordinator Stevie Weishan at (414)342-1412 x.101 or sweishan@hcsmke.org.

For HCS Parent Volunteers

Our school’s continued success depends to a large extent upon our parents’ contribution of their time and talents.  We believe that parent involvement strengthens the family, lowers the school’s operating costs, and establishes a strong parental role in our governing policies.  Parent participation is demonstrated by each parent’s Commitment to Community contract and documented in each parent’s work record.  The minimum work requirement of 36 hours per parent is surpassed by many parents each year.

HCS considers each student’s family members as part of our Highland family, and it is in this spirit that the school offers events to help create a sense of community among its members.  Regular family events include potlucks, picnics, celebrations and festivals throughout the year all of which can be counted towards your parent hours.