A Unique History

In 1968, Highland Community School was born from the efforts of a small group of parents who wanted a new approach to education in the Highland area.  The children and the parents of Highland rallied around the new school despite rampant crime and socio-economic hardship in the neighborhood.

Highland Community School was founded with a commitment to the neighborhood and the Montessori philosophy of teaching, in the Victor Schlitz mansion on 20th and Highland.

Highland continued to grow as the community bought into Montessori’s nurturing, socially responsible brand of education. Parent involvement developed into an integral component of the daily operation of HCS and helped to set the standard for today’s Highland parents.

In 1996, Highland became the first charter school in Milwaukee.  Soon afterward, it moved to a historic Pabst mansion just ten blocks away from its original site.  While this wonderful spot, at 30th and Highland, successfully allowed us to continue our mission of developing community education, we began to outgrow the space.  Our search for a new home in the Highland neighborhood was successful in the spring of 2012, with the acquisition of a building at 17th and Highland.  We look forward to making this new Montessori home caring and committed to our diverse community of learners and their families.

The future of Highland Community School is sure to provide more exciting and inspiring stories for our extended family of life-long learners.  What makes us a unique charter school is that our parents are the leaders and key decision-makers of the school, and we are held directly accountable to their vision.  Our parent involvement is second to none.  It is the essential ingredient that makes us the school that we are.

To find out more about charter schools in Wisconsin, go to www.wicharterschools.org, or www.qualitycharters.org for national information.