Our arts program builds community and deepens our awareness of the world. In the 201516 school year, the arts program at Highland helped students share their own unique messages with the world.


This past year’s graduates of the Junior Docent program was one of our school’s best, and according to director of the program at the Milwaukee Art Museum, one of the strongest showings of any school in the Milwaukee area. Last year’s sixth year students spent long hours in the art room making reproductions from the museum’s collection. Their presentations and creative responses were thoughtful, articulate, and very mature.


The Highland Community Players is Highland’s theatrical arts program. The Players have been producing raw and original works that respect the intelligence of their actors and audience. The 2015-16 school year was no exception. The Lower Elementary kids (grades 13) took center stage at the 4th Annual Highland Circus, a school talent show that introduces young performers to performing in front of a crowd. The culmination of the season was the adolescent (grades 7 and 8) performance of Stephen Gregg’s comedy, This is a Test. This final show was notably heartwarming because this 8th grade class began our drama program in 2009 when they were just 1st graders. 

The Upper Elementary Play addressed the serious issues of labeling, stereotypes, and self-fulfilling prophecies in The Bully, The Liar, & The Thief. Fifty-four students took on a variety of roles, from acting to stage crew. It paid tribute to the Western film genre and included great music legends, including musicians who recorded in Grafton, WI. The show earned praise from local media outlets and a Citation of Commendation from State Representative Evan Goyke.