"I miss the play structure."

“It’s hard to defeat the giant on the mountain and make a daring escape down the waterfall when the slide was gone. Or swing through the jungle as an anthropologist without monkey bars. The castle (play structure) fell to an earthquake.” – Highland elementary student

Highland Community School needs a new play structure.

The one we inherited when we moved into the building in 2012 was unsafe. Earlier this year, it was condemned and taken down. As much as we’ve tried to rearrange our budget to purchase one, our current income does not stretch enough.

Will you help by donating? 

Outside play helps develop the mind and body. A new play structure will give our students a new way to work their muscles and a more challenging terrain to run. Help provide a safe place to go on adventures by donating today!

Your quest is to help Highland purchase a new play structure. Will you answer the call?

Each game square represents one donation. We will color in the squares as people contribute.

Every gift matters. If we combine our resources, we can get a new play structure and have many more adventures!

Thank you for helping!


Your contributions are tax-deductible. To learn more about how you can support Highland Community School, please contact Michaela Lewellyn Humpal, Director of Community Resources at (414) 342-1412 or by email: mhumpal@hcsmke.org.