Help Videos and Workshop Recordings

Internet Safety Training for Lower Elementary and Children's House

This workshop covers:

  • How set limits and enable restricted mode on Youtube
  • How to use family settings on your operating system or router 
  • Online curricula for teaching your child about being safe online 

Cyberbullying and Digital Identity Workshop for Adolescent and Upper Elementary

This workshop covers:

  • what is cyberbullying and how to prevent it 
  • Resources for talking with your child about internet safety and social media 
  • How to help your child avoid phishing and other scams 
  • How to lock down your child’s digital identity to further prevent identity theft and privacy concerns 

We’re Here to Help

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Additional Troubleshooting Resources


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Highland’s goal is to provide students and staff with technology and internet connectivity to support student learning and aggressively close the digital divide and academic gaps found throughout our community. By providing meaningful technology resources and equipment to our community will minimize the loss of learning due to the current health crisis.

Technology for Staff: All teachers have a device whether it be a laptop or tablet. The staff was surveyed to determine if the device will work for their virtual needs. Additional equipment will be purchased if necessary.

Technology for Students: Chromebooks, tablets, and hot spots were purchased based on the need families’ reported need. Families will check out the device and sign a technology use agreement with curbside pick up.

The type of device used will depend on the age of the students. Tablets are preferred for students in grades K3-1st and Chromebooks will be used for 2nd -6th graders. Adolescent students will continue to use the program’s Mac Books.

A variety of online subscriptions will be used including Aleks, MobyMax, RazPlus, iReady, RazPlus, Seesaw, Google Classroom, and Zoom.

During Phase C: In-Person Learning, we will resume using Montessori hands-on materials for learning. Technology will take a lesser role.

Tech Support: If a student has a school issued device and are having issues with the device, the first line of support for tech troubleshooting will be the classroom assistant or teacher. Our IT company will put together a protocol sheet for the student Chromebooks as a reference. If the problem is not solved, teachers will refer the issue to our IT company. An additional staff member will be identified to help teachers and assistants troubleshoot simple user issues.

Privacy: To protect the privacy of our students while virtually learning, parents sign a consent form for their child to have group classroom teaching sessions recorded and shared with other students in that classroom only. All digital applications and services Highland uses for student instruction are consistent with the student privacy protections required.

Technology Policy