In 1968, five families on the west side of Milwaukee started a school with strong ideals of what education should mean in their community.

  • Nurture the inherent desire for students to learn and build critical skills.
  • Create a school environment that welcomes and encourages parental participation.
  • Attract a group of students, parents, and teachers that reflects the racial and economic diversity of their neighborhood and their city.

Today we continue to guide Highland Community School with this history in focus.  Over 50 years of success has taught us to always return to these basic principles.  Selecting Highland means becoming a part of a community, it’s choosing a lifestyle, and connects students to the broader world around them.

Today our Montessori approach to education allows us to enhance on these ideals with a modern view:

  • Perseverance in their education
  • Commitment to accomplishing their goals
  • Adherence to their own self-direction and individuality
  • Social Justice
  • Compassion and sense of responsibility to others and our world

Because of this commitment and ongoing, demonstrated results our students are in high demand. The best area high schools are always looking for our graduates to attend and continue their education.  We receive regular compliments from other area educators on the wonderful environment at Highland.  It really is a special place for our students and families!

Our theme for this year’s annual support request is Our History is Our Future.  This phrase directly reflects our focus on the original ideals set forth by our founders, our demonstrated impact on so many students and families over the decades, and our continuing commitment to delivering on the Highland mission. Please enjoy the brief video below that allows a few of our students, families and staff to share with you their experience at Highland and what it has meant to their lives.

 Help us keep this valuable mission going for years and generations to come.   It’s with your support that Highland can continue to focus on the whole child and provide our children with an education our past parent founders worked hard to provide for Highland students. Our History is Our Future at Highland, and it always will be.