Annual Fund

As the pandemic progresses, schools are under scrutiny for the type of education they provide for their students, and Highland is no different. We are proud of our successes.

The learning journey for each student varies greatly. It is affected by many different factors such as food security, access to technology, a safe location to learn, parental involvement, possible sickness or parental unemployment, and so many other variables.

We don’t and can’t expect each child to be at the same point in their learning journey during this time. Our dedicated faculty consider each child’s situation to create specialized lesson plans. Our caring social services and administrative staff make accommodations for each child and provide resources and support for each family. You can help over 300 families and 420 children by giving to Highland’s operating fund.

We strive to provide each student with an equitable education. Our school is continuing to modify lessons as we find out how families are genuinely doing; around 50% of families have been affected by unemployment or a furlough. Since Montessori lessons rely more on hands-on learning, they don’t use a computer often on a typical day. This year, due to virtual learning, we had to purchase over 200 tablets and laptops for students who would otherwise not have access to this type of technology. We have also had to purchase hotspots so students would have reliable internet and connectivity. If or when these devices break, we need to replace them.

Highland makes such accommodations and purchases because you have previously shown us that you are invested in each child that attends our school. We have made it a priority to have additional staff available to meet with students after regular school hours. Extra staff is not inexpensive, and we would be grateful if you invest in our school once again.

Your donation:

  • delivers Montessori lessons to our students through a variety of online experiences that focus on their academic learning and socio-emotional learning;

  • hires additional teaching staff to give students lessons outside of regular school hours;

  • purchases additional and much-needed technology to ensure that all students can access the lessons and resources provided;

  • offers additional professional development opportunities for staff to learn how best to support their students and families;

  • enhances virtual classes with hand-made Montessori materials to be used at home;

  • provides immediate necessities for our families, such as food, household products, and protective gear, lessening their stress and burdens;

  • increases our school’s capacity to ensure that everyone will be safe once we can come back in-person.

Your generosity fills the gap in our budget to support each student’s total educational experience. You allow for an excellent education that equally considers Highland students’ social, emotional, and basic needs. Show you believe in the value of a Highland education and donate!