Family Resources

Developmental Support

Any time you may have a concern regarding your child’s development, physically, psychologically, socially or emotionally, please do not hesitate to check in with your classroom teacher for support. You can also reach out to Ms. Alexis, School Social Worker at

Please check out these organizations that are here to help families!

Community Resource Helpline: Get Free Referrals for Counseling, Energy Assistance, Food, Baby Formula and more:

Parenting Network: Help for families of all kinds for all kinds of concerns!

Mental Health and Wellness of Wisconsin Directory of Resources

Mental Health and Wellness of Wisconsin Fast Facts

Aurora Family Health Care: Counseling and More

Metro Parent: Local Resources and Ideas for Parents

Children’s Hospital Resources for Mental Health:

Substance Abuse Guide for Parents


Montessori Support

Aid to Life supports the Natural Development of Children. You want to do the best for your child, but no one ever trained you to be a parent. Sometimes the information you find in books, magazines, parent groups, and websites is conflicting and overwhelming. It is difficult to know which route to take to help your child. Aid to Life offers clear, simple, straightforward advice that is easy to understand and most importantly easy to apply.

Montessori Guide is a resource tool for practitioners to demonstrate what quality Montessori looks like and needs to take into consideration in order to be implemented.