“I never am sad to come to work. It invigorates me. I miss it during the summer.”— Ms. Carrie

Carrie Driver has over 25 years of  Montessori experience. Her deep commitment to Montessori education stems from her belief in its ability to address each child’s unique needs, fostering an environment that allows them to thrive and become the best versions of themselves. “Montessori provides an optimal environment for them to become who they are supposed to be and make this world a better place,” she passionately shares.

For Carrie, the heart of her job lies in the children, the friendships she has formed, and the relationships with parents at Highland.

Outside of her role as a teacher, she has rekindled her passion for horses, through her granddaughters’ love of riding. Her farm keeps her busy too. With a smile, she expresses, “I have the best life ever.”

I’m either at Highland, or I’ve gone fishing. — Ms. Darla

Darlene Arnold, fondly known as Ms. Darla, is a Children’s House teacher at Highland Community School, with an impressive 23-year tenure as a Montessori educator. Her journey at Highland began in 2011, a transition she initially perceived as bittersweet due to the closure of her previous school, Garden Homes Montessori. However, fate intervened as Highland welcomed not only Ms. Darla but also her family.

When asked about her favorite aspect of her job, Ms. Darla breaks into a huge smile.  She cherishes the freedom to be creative in her teaching approach, emphasizing that Montessori educators are not confined to rigid structures but are empowered to tailor their methods to suit their students’ needs. This autonomy and the ability to observe her students’ reactions provide a gratifying sense of fulfillment.

Beyond the walls of Highland, her  hobbies include fishing and cross-country skiing, ”I’m either at Highland, or I’ve gone fishing.”