Pillars of a Highland Education


Each member of the Highland community has committed to helping our students learn how to evaluate information while nurturing the students’ compassion, curiosity, and sense of personal power. Through our classes and programs, we are raising the next generation of courageous leaders.


Highland was founded on the principles of educational equity and social justice. At Highland, we teach and practice social justice as a core component of classroom lessons, co-curricular life and student experience.


Highland is a community school. In 1968, it was founded on the principles of parents working together to create a place that honors the intelligence, creativity, and sensitivity of children. Over fifty years later,  we still focus on creating a nurturing school for students and their families.

Highland parents are the backbone of our school. Each parent commits to volunteer for 36 hours each school year. That commitment governs our school, keeps the building and grounds beautiful, and helps our students succeed.  A Highland parent sums it up best:“At Highland, we enroll the whole family.”


Our arts program builds community and deepens our awareness of the world.  Art is infused into the curriculum of Highland at every level. From the student-designed murals in our hallways to the annual Circus. The Highland Community Players, which presents original plays each year,  have been reviewed by OnMilwaukee, Milwaukee Record, Shepherd Express and Milwaukee Magazine


Children learn to love and respect the earth by getting their hands dirty. However, many children do not have the opportunity to connect with natural spaces on a regular basis. Therefore, connecting students to nature, embedding environmental education into the curriculum, and greening our school grounds is a top priority for Highland. As members of the Green Schools Consortium of Milwaukee, Highland has quickly become a leader in the greening school grounds in Milwaukee.