Meet Amanda Taddey, our Director of Finance and Human Resources at Highland Community School. What does that mean exactly? “As a director of finance, I oversee all of our financials, including the annual budget, and I also oversee all of our operations, which includes the front desk, ordering, how things work as a business, the business of Highland, and I also oversee food service and human resources.” Umm, that’s a lot. 

 With Highland being a non-instrumentality charter, Amanda manages the school’s fiscal autonomy. Her journey at Highland has been one of growth and adaptation, as she recalls, “I was hired as the accounting manager at Highland, and my role at that point was really just to oversee building out our financials and our financial processes at Highland and integrating some of the IT and insurance aspects of the school at that time.” Over the years, she has navigated the school’s significant growth, taking on more as the school expanded.

“I just really believe in the mission of Highland, and I think that the kids that are graduating have big dreams and big ambitions, and through their time at Highland, they have been given the tools to feel like they can accomplish those big dreams, and I think that’s pretty cool.” 

Amanda’s commitment to continuous learning and her passion for Highland’s mission make her an invaluable asset to our school community. So, let’s celebrate Amanda’s contributions to making Highland the strong organization it is today. Oh, and thank you for fixing our timesheets!