Meet Ms. Ebony, the food coordinator, or as she calls herself, the “lunch lady” at Highland Community School. With seven years of dedication under her belt, Ebony’s love for food shines through.

Ebony’s journey with Highland began as a parent when her two children joined the school as toddlers. Now, she not only contributes as a staff member but continues to be a devoted parent as her kids enter the seventh and third grades.

Ebony is passionate about good food: “I don’t like when food is burned. I don’t like wilted salads. I just like good food.”

A self-proclaimed “foodie,” she takes pride in serving delicious dishes and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. “I want every meal to be a delightful experience for the kids. They deserve the best.”

Behind the scenes, Ebony’s hard work is evident. For two and a half hours each day, she orchestrates a well-choreographed dance, ensuring every lunch is ready to go. Her dedication and high pace keep the lunch service chugging along.

Beyond the kitchen, Ebony finds relaxation in her diverse interests. When she’s not at work, she enjoys cooking for her family, nurturing her love for plants and gardening, and indulging in fashion by bargain shopping at Goodwill. A fan of “Law and Order: SVU,” Ebony knows how to unwind after a busy day. Swing by the kitchen door and say hello!