Parent Board of Directors: Meeting Information

Meeting DateMinutesOther Materials
02-13-2402-13 Minutes
2024-01-0901-09 Minutes
2023-12-1212-12 Minutes
2023-11-1411-14 Minutes
2023-10-1010-10 Minutes
2023-09-19Draft Plan
2023-08-0808-08 Minutes08-08 Agenda
2023-06-1206-12 Minutes
2023-05-16Annual Meeting
2023-04-1704-17 Minutes04-17 Agenda
2023-03-1303-13 Minutes03-13 Agenda
2023-02-1302-13 Minutes02-13 Agenda
2023-01-0901-09 Minutes01-09 Minutes
2022-12-1212-12 Minutes 12-12 Agenda
2022-11-1411-14 Minutes11-14 Agenda
2022-10-1010-10 Minutes
2022-09-1209-12 Minutes09-12 Agenda
2022-08-0808-08 Minutes08-08 Agenda

The Parent Board of Directors meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, except July. Meetings will take place either in person or on Zoom. Meeting details can be obtained by emailing