A Note from the Board

A Note from the Board

Each of us has been stretched in ways unimaginable and called to action for a greater good beyond ourselves. We’ve been asked to adjust our schedules, our lives, our work, our behavior, our views, our relationships…in many cases we’ve been required to adjust our spending, our habits, our hopes, and our dreams. All of us in some shape or form have been asked to make very personal sacrifices with our greater community in mind. Many, if not all of us within our Highland community have selflessly responded to this call to action with compassion, love, and care, with the kind of deep commitment to community that we know exists in each and every one of you.


Summer, summer, summer! This week, we will be focusing on how to have a great COVID-19 summer. If there is anything you’d like her to cover or need help with, please reach out to Ms. Aleix, Highland’s Social Worker, directly at...


“Gratitude means feeling thankful and appreciative for what you already have in your life. This can include big things like your family and your friends, and even small things, like your favorite shirt or music.” This week, we will be focusing on gratitude...